How to Get a Contractor’s License

If you want to earn a contractor’s license, you’ll first need to ensure that a few steps are completed. Completing these steps allows you to legally accept and complete various types of contracting jobs in New Mexico. The first step is completing an application. The application requests information about your criminal background and legal residency. You will also need to describe any prior work experience in the field for which you wish to earn a license. Read below to learn more information about earning the new mexico contractors license.

Choose a License Class

A certain class of license is issued based upon the type of contracting work you want to complete and the monetary value of the work that you tackle. A Class C contractor, for example, may have a $10,000 project limit while a Class B contractor may have the ability to work on projects in up to $50,000 in value. It is illegal to work outside of the class in which you’ve been licensed.

new mexico contractors license

Choose a Specialty

Not all contractors choose to specialize in a particular field, but many do. Should you choose to specialize in a specific area of work you will need to earn an additional license. Specialty contractors usually work only in the specific niche they’ve chosen. Some of the types of specializations that you can earn include:

·    Appliances installation

·    Concrete

·    Electrical

·    Landscaping

·    Cabinetry

·    Heating and ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration

·    Boiler, steam, and process piping

·    Drywall

Choose a Business Name

Your business must have a name before earning a contractor’s license. Make sure the name that you choose is not already registered. You can learn this information with a request from the state. Decide the structure of your business and request any necessary types of insurance for employees.

Pass the Exam

You must pass a contractor’s examination administered by the state if you wish to earn your contractor’s license.  You can get in touch with the International Code Council (ICC) to learn more about testing, costs, etc.